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Saint Jean Douai

Business School

A school with a global outlook

The Post-baccalaureate offer of our Institution


Since September 2022, Saint Jean’s Institution in Douai has been developing its post-baccalaureate program and welcomes you to its Business School.

A Business School ideally located between Arras and Lille, just a few minutes’ walk from Douai train station.

In initial training or under an apprenticeship contract with the CFA Jean BOSCO, you can follow our post-baccalaureate courses dedicated to business, punctuated by international specializations.

Bachelor RDC FI – Level 6 training in 1 year

Accessible after a Baccalaureate + 2 years of higher level of education or a level 5 qualification.

Are you continuing or returning to your studies? Join our 1-year course. Develop your sales skills and know-how to maximise your employability as a professional in customer relations and negotiation.

Obtain a Level 6 professional qualification registered on the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) issued by the Ministry of Employment.

MBA management & international business – Level 7 training in 2 years

Accessible after a Baccalaureate +3 years of higher level of education or a level 6 qualification.

Do you want to specialise in management? Join our 2-year course. Become a manager with expertise in sales strategy, business performance management and people management.
Obtain a level 7 professional qualification registered on the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) issued by the Ministry of Employment.

Our mission

Training professionals who are immediately operational!

  • Once they have completed their training, our students are immediately operational in the professions linked to the targeted skills.
  • That’s why the vast majority of our trainers are working professionals.

Our vision

A business school only makes sense if it leads its students to employment!

  • Sales positions are at the top of the list of most sought-after positions.
  • In a globalised world, students need to be able to work in an international context, in France or abroad.
  • Fluency in two foreign languages (B2 level minimum) is essential for management positions.

We develop your soft skills

  • Adaptability:

    To help you to adopt the best reactions in front of new responsibilities or any other professional situations, to lead your projects to success and satisfy your clients.

  • Relational skills:

    To optimise your ability to build and maintain relationships, and to integrate easily into a group.

  • Assertiveness:

    To enable you to adapt an assertive stance while respecting others and their ideas.

  • Searching for solutions :

    To make you operational, responsive, and effective in front of obstacles.

  • Ongoing self-training:

    Linked to adaptability, to secure your professional future and maintain and develop your employability.

  • Leadership:

    To help you develop your natural charisma and make yourself a unifying, inspiring and influential force.

  • Entrepreneurial skills:

    To boost you to find the courage, draw on your resources and find your full potential to successfully complete a professional project.

saint jean douai business school bâtiment

Join Saint Jean’s Institution in Douai means ...

… pursuing a post-baccalaureate course at the heart of an institution that has been recognised since 1853.

… integrating a business school on a human scale, committed to your success and well-being.

… benefiting from a comprehensive range of services designed to help you flourish and accessible to students from all backgrounds.


Share our values

Saint jean douai business school formation

Bring out the best in every student and develop their highest personal and professional potential

Saint jean douai business school formation

Demanding a job well done on a regular basis

Saint jean douai business school formation

To evolve in a constantly changing world, both in France and internationally

Information, latest news, and appointments

Our partners

Belong to Saint Jean’s Institution

Means being supported

On a daily basis and on an individual basis by a caring educational team. Personal and educational support to help you develop the knowledge, skills and know-how you need to become independent and responsible.

To thrive

On a personal, professional and spiritual level, through solidarity and humanitarian initiatives throughout the year. A culture of self-fulfilment that is unique to our school, enabling you to play a central role in a range of projects alongside your studies.

In a framework for excellence

Enabling you to make constant progress to reach your highest potential. Like our Preparatory Classes to enter the French top Business Schools, whose results and national positioning are far-reaching, our Business School will help you become the leaders of tomorrow.

In an international dimension

To adapt to an ever-changing world and make the most of your skills in France and abroad. Know and understand other people’s cultures so that you can respond strategically to their expectations and needs and optimise your relationships and results.

Business School 

Business School 

Business School 

Business School 

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